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The addiction - Evil Cow

The addiction

I have an expensive addiction and I’m pretty sure it’s more expensive than drugs. It’s called traveling the world.

Almost any chance I get to have time off from work I’ll go globetrotting to somewhere around the world. Usually that involves at least three flights and a day and a half of travel to get where I want to be usually in economy class as I’m too poor to afford the luxury of business class. Though through luck and the fact I’ve traveled a fair bit to qualify for Star Alliance Gold status a couple years in a row I’ve been upgraded to Business and or First Class.

So far my adventures have taken me to Europe on four different occasions, North America six times, Singapore, Macau and Hong Kong once each and though I’m not sure it really counts since I was on exchange, Africa once. Obviously I have not included layovers where I just stayed in the airport or else the number of times in Hong Kong and Singapore can increase greatly along with a airport visit in both Auckland and Tokyo.

Future adventures include yet another visit to North America in November where I shall visit San Antonio and New York, with an overnight stay in Ottawa because due to some crazy reason my airfare ticket was $200 US cheaper to add a stopover in a Canadian city so I figure I shall visit friends and go to a quiz night while I’m there. And then again in February I’ll be in the US doing possibly my last ever Contiki tour, the Wild Western as I get to be a bit too old to blend in with the 18-35 crowd.

As you may tell I really do love the States. I don’t know exactly what the appeal the US has on me. I’m sure one can attribute it to the fact the US dominates Western culture as we know it right now. New York City has a special draw for me. I just love the city, the smell, the sights, the sounds, the ever constant movement.

I could almost blame NYC for my expensive addiction, that and my need to perfect the way I travel in luggage terms. Yes I believe in one bag travel. I guess I figure even when I check in luggage with a big suit case I still end up doing laundry at some point of my journey so I figure hey why not just reduce how much crap I take with me. Benefits include carrying luggage which can help when you have some very tight connections at the airport, not to mention the fact it’s so much easier to walk through a turnstile in a NYC subway with a small carry on bag. As for bags, well the past few holidays I’ve taken I’ve been using a Tom Bihn Aeronaut but I find it to be too big. Even if I underpack it I always seem to end up buying so much crap I end up filling up the bag. So on my next holiday I look forward to taking my newest acquisition, a Red Oxx Air Boss. I guess I’ll have to keep everyone up to date with how this goes with a future web log post.

Hmmm, I’m rambling. I guess I’ll have to clean up this page later on, not to mention fixing up all the grammatical errors I’ll find when I re-read this page later on.