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More about this site - Evil Cow

More about this site

So it has been a very long time since I’ve done anything involving websites at least in the creating them, not viewing them.

This particular domain name I came up with as I was trying to figure out a random username to use on IRC that wasn’t my normal one. Upon coming up with Evil-Cow I thought hey I wonder if it’s available to registercow. Well way back in 2003 domain names were easier to register without adding 111456-aaa to the end of it or whatnot.

Then I thought hey I should do something with this domain name. But instead it lingered on the internet with a picture of a cow for over 10 years.

Doesn’t that cow look delightfully evil to you?

Well anyhow I started reminiscing one day about the old days when a group of us friends lanned together and blogged on each of our own respective domains. Then as time went by most of us had progressed over to Livejournal and then over to Myspace and finally Facebook. Out of those friends I believe only Robert is still blogging on a somewhat sporadic basis.

So I figured what the hey, I’m going to come out of the internet ether to blog again and subject the world to my ramblings written with such poor English grammar that it’ll make you cringe.

Since those good old days a lot of things have changed. WordPress by far impresses me and it’s certainly far more easier to use this to create a website then it is to type up your own html and php though I’m sure it’s still more satisfying to do it yourself but I swear HTML 5 and CSS and all that jazz just seems more complicated nowadays then back in the HTML 3 days. In keeping with a more simplistic layout I chose to purchase a theme called Deliciously Simple based on just viewing a couple different themes and thinking this is pretty nice.

As for the future of this site? Well I do plan on posting somewhat regular updates about mostly mundane things. I might even do more stuff with that Evil Cow image as I still find it to be pretty iconic to this domain name. I guess it depends on what happens with the future I suppose.