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So that didn’t take long - Evil Cow

So that didn’t take long

August 19th, 2014

So that didn’t take long for spammers to find my recently brought into the light web log. Thank goodness for various plugins and tools to prevent said spammers from actually getting their comments posted here.

So I’m going to sit on this virtual chair and talk to a virtual Freud. So I’ve been having some interesting, I don’t what you’d call it dreams or nightmare? Well actually they can be split into two categories. There is the work dreams. In 9 years at Australia Post I probably have had maybe 2 or 3 work related dreams. Since I’ve started my new position I have had at least a dozen and they all rotate around the one theme and that is my worst nightmare that I can think of has come true and that I’m forced to go back to delivery. In these, well I guess nightmares yes let’s call them nightmares, I’m constantly being scrutinised for bringing up safety issues and the like. I guess since coming over to the mail centre I’ve truly have seen how bad safety really is on the delivery side of our business. Then there is the harassment from the manager for only wanting to work my hours and no overtime. The one thing I like about my new position is there is no pressure to work overtime. If there is overtime and you want to work it, fine you can work overtime. If you don’t well the team leader says that’s fine and then when 3:25am comes I sign off and go home. In delivery land you will get harassed, bullied and victimised for trying to do this. Shit do I even work for the same company? Anyway I think I know what has prompted these dreams. It’s due to the fact my transfer I took is technically a 12 month temporary transfer which means after 12 months I can be turfed back to my old job and be subjected to all the crap I had to deal with as I just described, not to mention the weather, dogs and idiots on the road that are doing their best to try and run over posties.

As for the second category of dreams, well…all I’m going to say is they don’t relate to work and thank fuck I’m no longer a teenager or else I’d be washing my sheets on a daily basis. These also started only recently too. Maybe they’re a reward from my brain (or torment) for having to deal with the first category of dreams.

So well this web log post went off a complete tangent from spammers attempting to post comments here.

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