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Summer is coming - Evil Cow

Summer is coming

August 17th, 2014

So we’ve had a somewhat weird Winter right? First you had July where it had practically rained every single day of the month and now you have August where twice this month (and we’re only 17 days into the month) we’ve had a 27C day.

This reminds me of 1998 when we last had at least one 27C day in August. I was in my final year of high school and I remember during the morning tea break standing on the balcony of the second floor in the Year 12 area enjoying the sun and thinking what a lovely day this was. That was followed by sitting out on the grass with friends for lunch instead of doing our usual thing of hanging out in the Library for lunch to use the internet (and back in those days, the library computers were Pentium 66’s and 486’s running Netscape Navigator 3 on a shared 56k modem).

It’s funny how certain days like today and the other week can make you think of memories from long ago. I guess the brain is a fascinating organ.

Meanwhile I did take advantage of the warmer weather yesterday to go for a drive to Two Rocks. It’s amazing how much development there is going on in Perth as it feels like it’s non stop housing all the way up to Two Rocks (which is what, 60km, maybe 70km north of the Perth CBD). When I got there I just sat on the beach for about an hour absorbing whatever Vitamin D I can get from the Winter sun before I drove back home.

I must say I like my new car. I never used to do all these drives with my old one. Maybe it’s just the new car smell telling my fascinating organ known as the brain to go driving and rack up the kilometres.

Oh well, I wonder if a warm August means we’re going to get a hot summer? Who knows. All I do know is I might begin to appreciate a hot summer for a change as I no longer have to work outdoors for the first time in what, 10 summers?

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