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Throwback Thursday - Evil Cow

Throwback Thursday

August 14th, 2014

So I was looking at archive.org today and I found this gem. My very first “web log”. This ladies and gentlemen was posted before “web log” got shortened down to the term more commonly known as “blog”.

I am a Lemming 
Posted Saturday, February 3, 2001 @ 4:45 by Garbs

I am a Lemming. I have finally done it and caught the wave of these web log sorta things that everyone seems to be using nowadays.

Ok, now what am I suppose to say?

Ok, first person to link to my little personal web log can have a prize. They can have a choice of either my cold (I am sick right now) or they can have my insomnia.

Heck I’m sure I can give both of them to you as I am such a kind and very generous person (well, that’s what I like people to think of me, bwuahahahaha fools).

Talking about work last night I started at 9pm. Damn that was such a late start for work. I was completely bored for most of the night and my first delivery for the night (oh yeah, I work for Domino’s Pizza Bunbury for the people who don’t know where I work) was a hoax. What a way to start.

Oh well, I ended up leaving at 1am because it was so busy, cough cough.

Now I’ve got another close tonight then a lunch shift Sunday morning. Damn, there goes a sleep in but then again I haven’t been able to sleep anymore then 3 hours a night over the past few days and that sleep hasn’t really been that good at all.

Hey I think I can ramble along, how about that.

Ok any complaints about the current background I’m using can go here, else, compliments can go here.

Btw, this is how the site is suppose to be viewed, click here for the screen cap. Change your settings accordingly to best view this site because sorry this site only caters for 1024×768 screen resolution.

Now I think I might get some sleep. Oh wait, a Corrs song just popped up on my winamp playlist I must listen to it must resist, oh fark it I got this working so it’s time for sleep.

Also looking at the source code I had plenty of fun stuff in it like some of these gems.

<!– Damn it Jim, where’s me ASCII porn –>

<!– What’s this, I have friends. Since when? –>

<!– check out http://www.mjhfan.com/docs/clues/clue-0x300.shtml for a clue –>

It’s a shame archive.org didn’t archive that link as I really would like to know what I did there. Dammit people that was 13 years ago so I can’t remember! Meanwhile enjoy the ASCII porn everyone.

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