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Ah the Daily Grind - Evil Cow

Ah the Daily Grind

August 13th, 2014

Well those two weeks off from work went by so fast and what did I accomplish during that time? Well I slept a lot, watched plenty of stuff on Netflix, I had won some money in poker and went for a drive to visit the parents via the Wheatbelt.

All in all it doesn’t sound like much but I think I needed a two week break to do almost nothing as it seems I usually tend to go overseas or whatever any chance I get when I have time off from work. I know my bank balance appreciates the fact I did nothing.

So now I’m back at work and already over the hump (since I start work on a Sunday evening) and so far the working week has flown by which is a good thing.

Now I can’t think of a feature image to use, besides doing a Google search and ripping off a image but I think I might use something I have ownership rights over so I give you a Panda waving at you.

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