Anything can happen Saturday strikes again!

August 9th, 2014

So once again I felt the need, the need for spee…err to drive somewhere. Since it had been quite a while since I last visited my parents I figured I’d make the drive down south to visit them. Oh but a drive down Forrest Highway to Bunbury is too easy so instead I mixed it up a little. So I headed east along Brookton Highway towards Brookton. Wow I thought there would be more there but nope, there was nothing.


So from Brookton I headed south along the Great Southern Highway till I eventually reached Wagin.

IMG_2410IMG_2419IMG_2427IMG_2431 Obligatory car with canola crop in background shot.


Oh Where to go from here?


Here I stopped for lunch and took a couple pictures of the big sheep they have on display there.


Them are some balls.


And on the way out, I love these little random displays.


From there I drove west towards Bunbury via Arthur River, Darkan and Collie to visit the parents. Of course I had to stop at Welly Dam to take some more pictures.


After that I drove north along the boring Forrest Highway till I got home sometime after 7pm and 600km of driving. So that ladies and gentlemen is another successful Anything can happen Saturday adventure.

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