It’s a Swedish Trap

August 7th, 2014

So I have been to Ikea twice in the past week. The first time round all I wanted to get was a small shoe rack to organise the for pairs of shoes I have and to make my wardrobe more organised. Obviously that wasn’t the only thing I got as I also purchased a Rating 6 doona and a couple other little things to make my life more “organised”. I also wanted to get a leather cushion for my Poang Ikea chair too but they were out of stock.

Anyhow a week later I went to visit Ikea again (I mean come on, I’m on holidays and $3.50 hot dog/chips/drink combo is great too) to pickup said leather cushion and once again I bought other stuff too. So now I have a couple new pillows and a very nice dark grey quilt cover for my new doona I purchased the week before.


The chair is so much more comfortable compared to the previous cloth cushion I had before. Mmmm leather.

So how long will it be till I start forming a fight club?

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