Road Trippin’

May 9th, 2014

So here is a wrap of the drive up to Seattle from San Francisco along the coast (because the Interstate is soooo boring).

First thing is first on Monday morning I picked up the rental car and from there straight over the Golden Gate Bridge.


Yep I may have had the camera in one hand while driving over the bridge while thinking to myself must drive on the right hand side of the road. Nothing to it!

Now over the bridge and the obligatory grander scheme picture of the bridge and San Fran as I say goodbye.


But before I even think about the windy roads of California Route 1 it’s time for food and obviously it’s an In’N’Out run for me.


Now that delicious food is in my stomach, it’s time for an assortment of pictures from the road all the way up to Seattle.


The first of a few random lighthouses I would visit on my way. I actually met a couple Coast Guard people who were on their way up to a Coast Guard base who stopped to visit the lighthouse too. They gave me a few tips on places to visit including lighthouses to see as one of them was a lighthouse expert/aficionado.



Hah I just had to get a picture of this.


And more random pictures on the way up.


An obligatory selfie.



Ah a drive through tree. I’ve heard about these.


Oh hello Oregon, and I guess goodbye California.


One of the many bridges I saw on this trip. If anything I should call this the Lighthouse and Bridge road trip.




Another lighthouse.


Ah it’s a Squirrels life.


Bye bye no sales tax, bye bye someone filling petrol into your car because it’s illegal to fill up your own car with petrol in Oregon. Hello Washington state, hello the other WA.


I saw many of these Tidal Wave evacuation signs. It’s good to know people are prepared here.


Ah Astoria…oh wait I think these pictures are out of sync because I was in Astoria before crossing over to Washington state.


And here we are in Aberdeen and specifically the Kurt Cobain Waterfront Memorial Park. This here is the bridge referred to in the song Under the Bridge by Nirvana.


And here we are, Seattle at last. On my way into downtown Seattle while it’s pissing down with rain on the Interstate driving 20 miles over the posted speed limit because that is what everyone else is doing. On my way to pickup a friend from a hotel and drop her and the rental car off at the airport. Hah, I hadn’t seen Bianca in quite some time and the only time we had together was the drive to the airport and about 30 minutes at the airport.


And now to see more of Seattle. In it’s finest form it’s raining. Funny if I had been here a couple days earlier I would have experienced sunny and hot conditions. Yeah I prefer the rain.


EMP museum.


Game of Thrones chair!!!!


What museum in Seattle is incomplete without a tribute to Nirvana?


Space needle! Sure it’s smaller than the CN tower in Toronto but it’s much more better looking, plus it’s not in Toronto!


Now for an early morning flight to Iceland tomorrow. Thankfully I have a King Size suite here in Seattle and a big arse TV to watch the Habs game tonight.

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