If you’re going to San Francisco…

May 4th, 2014

Tomorrow I embark on a decent road trip up the coast from here in sunny (surprisingly) San Francisco to Seattle.

One thing that surprises me about San Francisco is how much it reminds me of home. There are Eucalyptus trees everywhere, the weather is exactly the same as I left back home and there are raven/crow type of birds that swoop your head exactly like magpies back home. And that was my first day here.

So anyway the next day, on May the Force Day, I started my first really touristy stuff of my holidays. I started by taking a bus from my hotel near SFO to downtown. That took a good hour or so. Anyhow the bus stopped right near Chinatown so well logically that is where I started my jesus walk of the day.


Just after I entered through the gates? of Chinatown I stumbled upon this, a Zoltar Machine. OMFG I’ve never seen one of these so I just had to put a $1 bill in there to get my fortune.


I’ve still got my fortune but I don’t have a picture of it right now. Thank goodness word press has an edit feature! Anyhow the fortune related pretty damn well to my travels. Though I imagine most fortunes from this machine would considering it’s in a touristy part of town.

Anyhow I made my way through Chinatown to glimpse one of the few iconic sights of San Francisco. Um, I forget what the name of that pyramid skyscraper is so yeah it’s that building.


Then shortly afterwards I stumbled upon this bar. I had to resist the urge to stop here for a pint or 6 and I then continued on with my Jesus walk throughout the city. I did make a note of the location so that at the end of my walk I’ll come back here for a few drinks and food while revelling in the May the Forth day.


So anyhow next stop was Lombard Street. That ever so windy iconic street in San Francisco. On the way there I spotted this vehicle, an old Falcon here in San Fran.


Shortly after I came across one of the mountain goat parts of my Jesus walk, Lombard Street.10296091_10152477722778000_1153167575306360402_o

Next up a walk down a hilly area towards the shorefront area where I can catch my first glimpse of Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge.


Unfortunately that is all I got to see of Alcatraz and I didn’t have the time this trip to visit the island. Next time! Anyway just before entering another touristy part of town I saw my first In’N’Out chain of the trip so obviously this made for a logical stop for lunch. Hey actually I can just almost see the In’N’Out logo in the above picture too.

Anyway some obligatory pictures of the shoreline area.


I should add they had an awesome antique arcade game museum where you can play some really old arcade type of games in this area. I loved it and helped kill some time and plenty of quarters.

Now the fun part of the jesus walk/climb.


This is when I began to really test my legs (not to mention start craving for that beer or 3 at the previously mentioned bar). This is the walk up to the Colt Tower where I can get some decent views of the city.

And once up here, well yep.

Not the Golden Gate Bridge.


Huzzah the actual Golden Gate Bridge.


Now for a close up of the Transamerica Pyradmid (now the name comes back to me).


And then it’s off to the bar for me for those beers and a philly steak sandwich.

Now for tomorrow the drive up the coast to Fort Bragg along highway 1.

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