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April 14th, 2011

I just watched Star Trek Insurrection and watching it brings back memories, not of Star Trek, but of memories when I had first watched it.

It was New Years Eve of 1999, when Darren, Glen and myself drove up to Mandurah to watch the movie. This was way way back when I was still in my teens and not my present thirties that I am in now. Good times was had. Life seemed a lot more simpler back then as I had just finished High School and was heading into the land known as adulthood.

I suppose in a way my 20s was a total woah as life felt like it became complicated but now as I head into my 30s with a stable job (Post Office for nearly 7 years now) some life experience done along with some traveling I’m beginning to think my 30s might feel to be less complicated and more routine as I head down the path of decay that is old age.

That is of course I do something metrically stupid like get married or have kids, flying spaghetti monster knows I almost did that 3 and a half years ago close escape that was then yeah stability ahoy.

Anyhow that is today’s update now it’s time to have some Peroni (woooh 4x free Peroni glasses with a carton!)

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